Water for Workers - If you live in the UAE, then you know summer time is hot. If you don't live in the UAE, then know this... Summer time is HOT - 45+ degrees celcius hot. Water for Workers is simply about giving cold water and a thank you to workers outside in that hot hot heat.
Water for Workers - how it all began...



If you are wanting to join in Water for Workers it's as easy as just turning up on the day. All Aquafina water bottles, sweat cloths with 'I Care About You' written in 7 different languages, and volunteer flags are pre-packed in individual boxes that you pick up on the Saturday of the event. As the community arrive at Collegiate American School, they are encouraged to begin at Step 1, and work their way around to Step 4. So come along and participate!


Key Project Adoptor:


PEPSICO AMEA - Adoptors of Water for Workers

PepsiCo are the very first members of the [sameness] project collective which says a great deal about them being pioneers in doing good! Without them Water for Workers would not have been sustained for over a year now, numbers like 68,000 bottles of water & thank you facecloths given out, wouldn’t exist... Read More