Lina Nahhas - The DreamWeaver
Lina Nahhas

With over 20 years regional experience, Lina recently stepped back from a highly successful career in Market Research. Founding, building & growing her own company, Siraj, to scale, Lina sold it to YouGov, retiring from the industry with a dream to set up what is now the [sameness] project.

Lina has a B.A in International Relations. 

She is Dubai born and Dubai/Canada raised & is the mother to the cutest little girl in Dubai. Fact.


Jonny Kennaugh - The Emperor
Jonny Kennaugh

Jonny loves creating, and creating stuff that matters is what he loves the most. 

He plays with words to create all the [sameness] projects written material and also snaps all of the photographs, leaving his fingerprint over most of what you see & read.

He has previous experience in youth work, social work, & journalism and holds a Bachelors degree in Media Studies.

He doesn’t have a degree in surfing but if there was such a thing he would have it by now.