the [sameness] project Collective
A limited number of companies who buy into the [sameness] project and sustain it on a yearly basis
A model based on co-operation not competition

A collective of likeminded chosen companies that support the purpose of the [sameness] project

the members of the [sameness] project collective


PepsiCo are the very first members of The Collective which says a great deal about them being pioneers in doing good! Without them Water for Workers would not have been sustained for over a year now, numbers like 35,000 bottles of water & thank you facecloths given out, wouldn’t exist ... Read More

1UrbanHumanity Management Consultancies

Is an Ode to Sameness, for the sake of humanity seeing humanity. Is making the world a better place to live for those who deserve a better life and finds substance rather than emptiness. Will always be a work in progress and is the opposite to the separateness project... Read More


We are interested in your pocket change to make change