Soles & Stories is a chance to walk in the shoes of some amazing women. It's a chance to see their stories, hear their voice, and create a moment of sameness where they can be seen as more than just their job title.

The main aim of Water for Workers is the engagement and interaction between those handing out the water and receiving it. Cold water is nice, but it's the thank you's, handshakes and small conversations with the workers that help erase the lines that separate and create moments of sameness.

We've Got Your Back is about providing an opportunity for Taxi Drivers to be seen and appreciated, and equally for the community to connect and engage with them beyond their role as a taxi driver.


An online library of submissions of peoples soles and the stories of their wearers. Watch the gallery grow, and then go for a browse and take the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of the other.

An interactive art piece, #TheConversationChair restarts the heart by facilitating moments where two people can connect in a unique way through conversation, learning about the other person, finding some sameness, and ultimately learning about themselves.

Know Thy Neighbour is a project that aims to erase the walls between neighbours. Dishes are made, meals are shared, & the stories behind those dishes become the moments of sameness between you and the human next door, providing a chance to get to know them better.

Sameness Flicks.

A very mini film festival featuring films that carry ideas of [sameness]. Good for the soul. View programme here.

Launched in November 2014.

Collaborative project bringing students from mainstream schools together with students from special needs schools.

Launched and running January 2014.

To turn Dubai's white labourer buses into traveling [sameness] artworks by having the workers that use the buses co-create artwork with local artists & university art students, telling their stories at the same time.

Launched in December 2014. View the micro-site here:


Future Projects - These are in development and are in need of like-hearted partners to make them happen. Contact us if any of them stick out to you!

the [sameness] book project

A visually stunning coffee-table book that celebrates the diversity of cultures, but also looks at the sameness around the globe. A not-so-Lonely Planet book.

Workers Education Program

A financial & business up-skilling program to empower Dubai labourers as well as any under-privileged working group in the community, to secure their own dreams & future as they return home. This program would engage Emiratis as teachers & mentors, involving partnerships with local learning institutions.