Frequently Asked Questions


  • Partnership, collaboration and/or investment opportunities:
    For corporate adoption of any of the following, please contact Lina Nahhas on with a subject title of the project of interest to you:
    1. Water For Workers Internal Engagement event: tailor-made & small scale for schools or corporates
    2. Conversation Chair: for cultural public events or corporate internal engagement
    3. Empathy Pack: for corporate initiatives or schools/Universities
    4. We've Got Your Back: Health & Wellness initiative for migrant workers, taxi drivers, and/or corporate employees
    5. Restart The Art: For sponsoring 2 or more white labourer buses to be covered with collaborative art work
    6. Talk invite: Talks/panels/conference participation on the subject of social innovation and/or empathy-building
  • I'm from the media and would like to feature you in one of my publications/radio shows/T.V features.
    Please contact with "Media Request" as the subject title.
  • What if I want to volunteer for some community initiatives you have?
    Our business model does not offer a volunteering platform. However, sometimes we require community participation, to help in bigger scale corporate sponsored projects to be successful in spreading the message of sameness and building empathy, like Water for Workers for the community. We will announce these across all our social media and through a mailer to our entire database of registered participants. If you wish to participate in any of such projects, please make sure you are subscribed to our database. If you are not already click here.
  • Do you still offer student internships in your organisation?
    In the past we had many keen student interns with us over school breaks, and it was a great pleasure and honour to have them with us, and we are always happy to provide participation certificates for their time. We will still be receiving interns when/as incoming projects allow for that. Email Lina privately for that, after our break, with a subject title "Internship" on
  • What if I have an idea for a community project I would like to execute through you?
    1. Check out our other projects and what we do and ask yourself if your idea lines up with what we are about.
    2. If you think it's a genuinely aligned idea, and you have financial resources for it, then contact Lina with subject "Project Idea" -
  • What if I have clothes, food, etc.. To give to labourers/workers….or wish to get in touch with a labour camp or any labourer related activity
    Let google be your friend. We never had anything set-up to facilitate any type of charitable giving so your ideas on what to do with them are as good as ours.
  • What if I am part of an organisation and wish to commission one of your initiatives, like The Conversation Chair, but I do not have a budget and can give you exposure and potential for great networking in return?
    As much as we love exposure and networking, unfortunately neither of them pay the bills or compensate our time. Perhaps consider contacting us when your budgets allow.