This is where we illustrate the monthly progress made on our [sameness] projects, provide exciting [sameness] videos with empathetic themes, and spotlight one member of the [sameness] project collective by focusing on other projects they are involved in.

Update on our [sameness] projects

To the collectives. Here are some exciting updates on each of our [sameness] projects that have taken place over the past month. PepsiCo AMEA are official sponsors of our Water for Workers project.

Water for Workers was Hot Sweaty Fun

1. Water for Workers. In 2013 we saw 30,000 bottles of Aquafina water and 30,000 thank-you handkerchiefs given out to workers in Dubai. 2014 is off to an equally impressive start, with already 5,000 workers being thanked in February & April. The #ShareYourSameness Campaign was also launched in April, and saw volunteers getting creative with the new & fresh Giveaway sameness flag. Check out the album.

One + One - Nardine tells us how she feels about the children she met during the project.

2. The One+One exhibition showed at CLEMC on Wednesday 19th February, and CAS on Thursday 27th February - Thursday 3rd April. It saw a steady flow of parents and teachers visit the show. Here's an awesome article written by BarakaBits, reporting on Good News in the Gulf. We met up with the kids from CAS and asked them to express their ideas on the project: Watch the Interview Reel.

[dabble] Be inspired by sameness in action around the world

Things to whet your appetite and restart your heat.... Videos, quotes, happenings and cool stuff that celebrates [sameness] around the world and in Dubai. These are both International and local.

This is Moshur Ramin. He has been driving taxi's in Dubai for 2 years and wants to took after his health.

Meet Mr. Moshur Ramin - He is from Bangladesh and has been working as a taxi driver for DTC for 2 years. Watch this video and listen to his testimony, totally impromptu, about using the We've Got Your Back stretches and meeting Grant and Fiona during a session at DTC headquarters.


Mr Krishnan from Bangalore talks about putting love into action.

5.5 litres of Blood - Mr Krishnan has begun his own [sameness] mission, quitting his own career as a chef in a Bangalore high end restaurant, to care for his community, feeding the homeless living on the streets, because 'we're all human.' Watch his interview on CNN here.


Hungry Planet: The Ahmed's in Cairo pictured with 1 weeks worth of food.

What the World Eats - We all need to eat. Right? If you were to head to your pantry or wherever you store food in your home and pull out one weeks worth of food, what would it look like? This is the question Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio try to answer in their intriguing photography project that keeps you flicking through the contrastive portraits. In diversity there is [sameness]. Check out the gallery here.

Member's Spotlight

Members and their projects around the world. A spotlight on some international and regional projects that each member of the collective is involved in outside of the [sameness] project.



Over the last five years, PepsiCo AMEA have reduced the packaging weight of our products by more than 350 million pounds in all manufacturing for which we procure packaging, including acquisitions, exceeding our target by 20 percent. The packaging weight reductions we have achieved are equivalent to removing more than 95 tons of packaging material each day during that five year period.

Dates to Remember:

- Next PepsiCo Employee Engagement event: Thursday 12th June 2014. Z Lounge, PepsiCo Headquarters, Emaar Business Park, Downtown Dubai.

- Water for Workers event coming up: 10am Saturday 14th June 2014. Water for Workers June Edition, Emirates Int'l School, Al Thanya Road, Umm Sequim, Dubai.

- The Gamcha Project Exhibition by Elise Vazelakis: This exhibition closed in April, you can go online and view the collection here. The exhibition revolves around the figure of the construction workers and highlights their instrumental role in building the city of Dubai. The artworks are utilize the Gamcha: a colourful headscarf worn by workers in Dubai, and are an absolute must-see.