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[ soles & stories JRDN ] Aisha

Moving from one place to another is always easier if you can follow someone else’s footsteps ahead of you.In Aisha’s case her mother had left the Philippines six years earlier to work as a domestic helper in Jordan, and the same reasons her mother traveled for work were the same reasons Aisha needed to do the same.

Their journeys continue to be intertwined through Soles & Stories, as Aisha’s mother Sally is also one of our shoe-artists, rounding out a larger story of a family’s journey.

Aisha had worked for a year in Lebanon as a nanny and returned home to her four children in the Philippines before her journey to Jordan. She found life very difficult back home and struggled to find work. When the opportunity came through her mother to work in Jordan, she new she had to take it.

Her move to Jordan, and her reconnection with her mother was made just over a year ago and she says that having heard from her mother what Jordan was like made the trip a lot easier to make. Although she still hasn’t come to grips with the cold, wishing that the temperatures were a little bit more similar to the Philippines.

Of course leaving her children was the difficult part of her journey to Jordan, but Aisha knows that as a single mother she needs to do all she can to provide for them and set them up for a brighter future.

And it is their future that drivers her, with a dream to build them a house and put them all through school being her goal. As far as her future goes, Aisha is adamant that she will put more thought into that once she knows her children are fine.

Music plays a big role in Aisha’s daily life and whether it’s having the radio on in the background while working, or listening to love songs from back home while resting, good tunes are always accompanying Aisha and providing a soundtrack to her days.