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[ soles & stories JRDN ] Lucy

Lucy is a lady who understands the realities of why she is working in Jordan and not in her home country of the Philippines.

She is also very matter of fact when discussing her many hopes and dreams for the future, explaining that the things she wants to achieve she cannot achieve without money, and the work she does now will determine whether those hopes and dreams for herself and her children, come to pass.

Lucy’s situation at home was such that work was very hard to find and supporting her family was becoming increasingly difficult, so she made the decision to apply for work overseas. She has now been in Jordan for three years and has her eyes firmly set on the future as she goes about her work.

With three daughters and one son back in the Philippines Lucy’s first dream is to help her youngest finish high school. Her three eldest children have already finished school and found good employment in the Philippines, and it’s easy to see why Lucy is so proud of them, and why she sees such value in the opportunity she has to work in Jordan.

When she is sure her children are taken care of Lucy does have plans for herself, one of which includes going to Brazil to visit her sister, who lives there with her husband. But for now she is content to simply work and earn the money that will help pave the way for her dreams.

It’s not all work and no play for Lucy in Jordan though, and she cracks a cheeky smile as she talks about how much she enjoys her days off and spending time with her friends.

Whether it’s window-shopping, cooking traditional Philippine dishes or just relaxing together, the friendships she has formed with other domestic workers is a special part of her Amman experience.