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[ #theconversationchair ] Coming To You Live

It’s always a bit of a nervous adventure going into new [sameness] projects.

You can never be too sure how a project will go until it’s gone, and with initiatives based on people stepping outside the normal lines of life, the magic is always in the moments.

The Conversation Chair is exactly what it sounds like – a chair where people can pause their rush for a little bit, sit and have a conversation, with their partner in chit chat generally being a stranger, and conversation starters floating above them on the balloons.

As well as being a funky little installation in the everyday environment The Conversation Chair has been the space for some amazing moments as people have sat, talked and erased all kinds of lines.

Keep an eye on the [sameness] projects social media for The Conversation Chair video, which will be making its way onto the internet machine soon.

Here are a few snaps from the Shelter and the Archive capturing some moments of [sameness] through the power of a chair, some balloons, chit chat, and brave conversationalists – check out our facebook page for more pics…

One of the longest conversations of the evening (above) was between a Dubai-based mechanic from England and a Saudi Arabian artist whose work was being exhibited that night. We’re not going to assume they never would have talked outside of the chair, but being able to facilitate a moment where they could sit down as strangers and walk away as friends was pretty cool.

Warm weather, greenery, a lazy Saturday afternoon and conversations in the sunshine.