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[ water for workers ] August 17th Stories

Every Water for Workers adventure is the starting point for a whole bunch of cool new stories, whether they are told by volunteers who took part for the first time, the fifth time, or workers who had someone stop, shake their hand, give them a drink of water and carry on.

We love hearing peoples tales from their Water for Workers adventures and the moments of [sameness] they shared while out and about. Most of all we love being part of all these stories, and after the latest Water for Workers adventure on August 17th we wanted to share a couple of our own…

There were just over 3000 bottles of water given out on August 17th! Another massive effort.

To check out more pictures sent to us from legendary volunteers head to our Water for Workers Tumblr page

AND remember – the next Water for Workers is on Saturday September 7th - Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your neighbors friends and family, and lets make this the biggest Water for Workers yet!