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[ water for workers ] July 6th Was Epic

It seems that word travels fast in Dubai. The news about Water for Workers sure spread with speed and our second outing of summer 2013 was massive!

We turned up to Safa Park in a truck loaded with 5000 bottles of cold water, each wrapped with a thank you sticker, each ready to be used for a moment of [sameness]. PepsiCo not only gave the 5000 bottles of water, but their team also attached every one of the thank you stickers earlier in the week with a huge effort. Honestly, there was a bit of doubt at whether we could give out 5000 bottles of water in two hours, the previous highest total was 1600, but with over 100 volunteers showing up  we not only hit 5000, but also went a little bit over!

It was awesome to see parents turning up with their children, taxi drivers taking some water for their friends, work colleagues getting together, and complete strangers jumping into cars together and heading out on Water for Workers adventures.

We’ve been browsing through the [sameness] project facebook page checking out peoples photos, stories and special moments from the day, and it’s genuinely heartwarming to see real connections and moments of [sameness] being shared with Dubai’s workers. When all the water is given out Water for Workers is much more than just a charity event about the giving of water – that’s obviously a big part, but it’s the “thank you’s” the conversations, the interactions and the erasing of lines between the givers and the receivers which make Water for Workers what it is.


Thanks to everyone who came out for some HOT.SWEATY.FUN at Water for Workers and a big high-5 to PepsiCo for the 5000 bottles of Aquafina water.
Down to Earth Dubai and Nofara Cafe also brought water along on the day, helping us to get over 5000 bottles, so it was an all round team effort to spread the goodness! YAY.

The next Water for Workers is SATURDAY 10TH AUGUST. Keep in touch with the [sameness] project through our website and social media until then and we will see you at the next Water for Workers.