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[ we've got your back ] Time For An Update

If you follow us on Social Media you would have seen all our We’ve Got Your Back adventures as we head out around Dubai with our friends at FitnessLink to hang-out with, and give health and fitness advice to the cities legendary taxi drivers.

It’s about time we updated the world on all the goodness that’s been going on with We’ve Got Your Back.

There are about 18,000 taxi drivers in Dubai, and when we started the project one of our big questions was if we would ever run into the same driver twice. The answer is yes…

We are also really really excited to announce that the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) have come on board with WGYB!

These guys oversee all the taxi operations in Dubai and love the project, so they have given us access to areas where a lot of taxi drivers gather, meaning we can spread the WGYB goodness even further!

If you want to see photos from all of our We’ve Got Your Back adventures and check out the stories that go with them, head over to our facebook page and click, click, click.

And…if you’re a Dubai-based fitness professional and would like to join us on a We’ve Got Your Back adventure, then let us know!!