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[ water for workers ] The Biggest & The Best

Ten Thousand October was a beautiful way to end the 2014 Water for Workers story. 10,000 bottles is a scary amount, but once again hundreds of volunteers rocked up, the water & thank you's flew out of the trucks, and we ended with smiles for miles.

First of all we want to say THANK YOU to all the awesome humans who joined us in October and across the entire year. Our numbers have exploded in 2014 and every single volunteer who has joined the [sameness] project and helped us create moments of sameness through Water for Workers has added themselves to something far bigger than a simple water distribution project.

And none of that specialness would be possible without PepsiCo, who beyond supplying all the water through Aquafina and financially partnering with the [sameness] project have also helped pack every single one of those bottles of water and thank you facecloths ready for each Water for Workers.

October topped it all with all 10,000 bottles being picked up in just under an hour by a huge cross section of the Dubai community. Those legends then headed out all over the city, covering 43 different areas. 
The video above is life in fast forward between 10 and 11am in the Collegiate American School carpark, as 300ish volunteers joined the HOT.SWEATY.FUN

We also had Hertz Rent A Car join us in October, bringing 10 cars + drivers to help get people out and around Dubai. It added a whole new level of action to Water for Workers and we can't wait to do more with Hertz in 2015.

Out on the streets, building sites, gardens, petrol stations, sand lots, carparks and other spaces of Dubai all 10,000 bottles and thank you's were given away in many beautiful moments of sameness. We captured a few pictures below, but there are hundreds from all over the city taken by volunteers.

Check out the snaps we have from volunteers right HERE on our Tumblr...


Water for Workers ran  five times in 2014: January, April, June, August, and October.
5000 bottles of water were given out each round except for October where we doubled up to hit 10,000.
We've done the very difficult maths for you and figured out that in 2014 roughly 30,000 bottles of water and thank you's were given out. Huge!

So we are all over red rover for 2014, but the Water for Workers goodness will return again in 2015 when the weather starts to heat up and the Hot.Sweaty.Fun is needed again. Until then you can stay in touch with us through our website and social media, cause there are more [sameness] projects for you got get involved in!


Just because Water for Workers is done & dusted for 2014 it doesn't mean that you can't still spread some goodness using water, handshakes, smiles, thank you's and whatever else you want to add to that mix.

It's a easy as buying some water, finding some workers, and engaging.