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[ we've got your back ] We Won!

We've Got Your Back added an awesome new feature to its CV on Saturday by winning the UAE Fit Award for Health & Fitness Initiative of the Year! 

We got to dress up all fancy and attend the awards ceremony and were honestly very wide-eyed when We've Got Your Back was announced as the winner. 
The Fit Awards highlighted a heap of the top achievers in the UAE fitness industry and it is humbling to see people taking notice of a pretty simple project to  help out Dubai's taxi drivers and see them as more than just their job title.

You can learn about We've Got Your Back HERE

winner winner chicken dinner

The plan now is to flash the award around and use it to lure in an awesome partner to adopt We've Got Your Back and help us keep the goodness going. There are over 18,000 taxi drivers in Dubai and we're really keen to see this [sameness] project reach each and every single one of them, but we can't do it on our own!

Here are some of our stats for 2013 & 2014. Behind every one of those numbers is a very awesome human being and we wish we could share all of it with you, but for now just imagine the goodness behind these numbers:

stats & numbers


Thank you to everyone who has helped us on the We've Got Your Back journey so far and to everyone who voted for us in the Fit Awards process! Ya'll are too awesome!