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[ sameness flicks ] That's A Wrap

Sameness Flicks is all wrapped up for 2014, and we're calling our first attempt at a very mini film festival a success.

Over 7 different screenings at both The Archive & A4 Space we soaked in some cinematic goodness and showed off a range of films and short films that resonated with different themes of sameness. 
There was the idea of dancing with the enemy & looking to create a new sense of sameness in children through ballroom dancing; a comedy about life and the fears we share, but often don't talk about publicly; a range of short films you can watch below; and a documentary about moving past apathy to truly make a difference in others lives.

It was all good.

Here's the Sameness Flicks line up incase you want some good films to watch. 
Click each title to see the trailer:

Dancing in Jaffa

Sleepwalk With Me

- Short Films (Highly Evolved Human, Everything Is Incredible, The Overview Effect, Yellow Sticky Notes, Rhinos, Sonder, The Runners, Little Terrorist.

Blood Brother 

Thanks to everyone who came to watch, listen, laugh, ponder, question and enjoy, Sameness Flicks will be back in 2015 with another beautiful little line up of films.