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[ water for workers ] April is ON!

April just went from an OK month to an awesome month. Why? Because the oh so lovely morning of Saturday the 12th April now holds a Water for Workers adventure!

Lock it into your calendar, gather your friends, spread the news, and prepare yourself for a massive morning giving out water and thank you's to Dubai's workers!

Here are the basics:

Water for Workers
Saturday April 12th
10am - Emirates International School, 

Al Thanya road, Jumeirah.


If you've never taken part in the Water for Workers goodness, or if you need a refresher, here's how it all works:

1. We supply all the water and all the thank you facecloths.
2. You come to the carpark outside Emirates International School, on Al Thanya rd, Jumeirah in your own transport, with however many friends you can gather.
3. You take as many boxes of water and thank you facecloths as you like, load up your car, and tell us where you want to give the water out.
4. We wave goodbye as you head off to give out the water, say thank you, and have some beautiful moments of [sameness].

A massive thanks to PepsiCo who are behind Water for Workers and the [sameness] project 100% and are making this all possible by partnering with us. Companies spreading goodness is GOOD!

If you've got any questions then you can reach us on or through any of our social media machines.

Lets do this!