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[ water for workers ] Well That Was Impressive

We ran out!
In 45 minutes 5000 bottles of water and 'thank you' facecloths were taken by volunteers, and by lunchtime we had hundreds of pictures popping up on our social media of it all being given out around Dubai.
Just wow.

We feel it was a pretty successful morning. Here's our math:

First up, THANK YOU to everyone who came out in the 38 degree heat to help spread some goodness around Dubai. It was amazing to see so many people getting behind the project.
We started Water for Workers two summers ago with about 4 friends, 50 bottles of water, and 'thank you' stickers we had to attach as we went. To see that many people and that much water being given out on Saturday was very humbling.

Here are a few snaps of the action before any water or thank you's were even given out:

There was some solid engagement from Dubai based companies having their staff take part, and it's great to see companies placing importance on community involvement, and standing side by side with others to get it done.  
It's also a whole bunch of goodness seeing so many kids and families coming along and joining in.

Out on the streets the water and 'thank you' facecloths did their thing and we received soooooo many awesome pictures of the interactions between the beautiful humans of Dubai.

You can check out all the social media snaps HERE on our Water for Workers tumblr, and if you've got some to share, send them through ya'll!

SATURDAY AUGUST 30th is the next Water for Workers adventure. Yeeeeeessir!

Pop that in your calendar, set the morning aside, and come help us share sameness all over Dubai! We will release more details closer to the date, so make sure you stay in touch over Ramadan.

AND REMEMBER - you don't have to wait till August 30th to do Water for Workers again. next time you're near a store, buy some extra water and give it out as you go about your day. The ability to smile and say 'thank you' is all you need beyond a bottle of water.

We're gonna finish with a huge shout out to PepsiCo for partnering with us to help make Water For Workers happen every round. Without their involvement there is no way this project would be as awesome as it is, and we are all about working with companies who want to help spread goodness!

"It is when you give of yourself that you truly give" - Khalil Gibran. The #ShareYourSameness flag for June.