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[ water for workers ] We're Coming For You August!

After easily the best Water for Workers adventure of all time in June, we are back with an August adventure that's gonna be even better-er and bigger-er! So here is everything you need to know about this monthsWater for Workers adventure...

WHEN: Saturday 30th August ya'll!!

WHAT TIME? 10 in the a.m.

WHERE? Emirates International School, Al Thanya Road, Jumeirah 1 - HERE is a map.
We will be in the carpark out front of the school, with a truck and lots of people buzzing around it.

WHAT DO I DO? You turn up in your car*, we give you the water and the 'thank you' facecloths and then you choose an area you would like to cover. You drive away to give out the water and thank you's and share some moments of sameness with ANYONE working outside in the heat. Easy.

*If you don't have your own transport don't worry, there are often spaces in others cars for you to join in the goodness (plus you make new friends!)

DO I NEED TO REGISTER? There is no need to register BUT you can go sign up for our Water for Workers emailer, which provides the details of each round. You can sign up HERE

We'd love you to help us spread the word on Water for Workers so we can get more people involved in the Hot.Sweaty.Fun!
We have some digital stuff we can send to you, like facebook banners, lil instagram pics, flyers and what not, and we also have posters we can get to you!
If you can help us get the Water for Workers goodness out via any of those means then contact us and we will go from there!

Cool Cool!

If you've got any questions about Water for Workers track us down via social media or email:

t: @samenessproject
i: @thesamenessproject