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[ sameness flicks ] Back With Season II

We're pressing play on a new season of Sameness Flicks & we've got three sweet flicks & an evening of short films all primed and ready to do your soul some good.

You can check out the FULL SCHEDULE, SIGN UP, AND CHECK VENUES HERE so click on and plan your calendar accordingly.
In the same style as last year you've got two chances to see each film & we've added some social storytelling experiences to take the message of each film beyond the screen.

Season II kicks off with Beyond The Walls, a 2014 documentary looking at walls as canvases and the way people from different cultures instinctively use these urban spaces to paint their stories and give voice to their life experiences. Check out the trailer below...

We'll also be taking the experience beyond the screen with a curated sketchbook session at each Beyond The Walls screening, putting pen to paper for words, scribbles, scripts and any way of expressing your story on paper. Everything will be ready for you at the venue, and if this is your thing then just turn up and sketch :)