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[ sameness stuff ] Urban Nature

We're always up for finding a little bit of inspiration in the ordinary. We're also always up for sharing it when we find it, especially when we get to meet the good humans behind the inspiration...

Right across the road from our office building is a long and simple looking shop front under renovation. The windows are covered in white paint so you can't see inside, and there was nothing remarkable about those bare windows...until flowers started being etched into the paint.

As each new piece of nature was scratched into the window paint we grew more curious about the artist inside, and eventually knocked on the door to find Tsawar. 
Working with a team to fit out the interior of the building, while everyone else is on break, Tsawar crouches at the windows and begins to etch. It's his little escape, his chance to let some of his creativity out, and his way of using what's available to him to bring some beauty into the world.

We sat in on a session and captured the artist at work, a few days before he left that site and his creations behind.

It's refreshing to find beauty in unexpected places, and to see an artist like Tsawar finding time to leave his imprint on the world. 

Maybe he's doing the same at the site he's working on now? We hope so, because it sure is a nice surprise finding urban nature in amongst a whole lot of concrete and glass and enjoying just a little bit of inspiration.