[ dabble ] Where Children Sleep

Everybody lays down to sleep somewhere.

Whether your head rests on a pillow in a 5-Star Hotel or a backpack under fresh air and sky, where we sleep says a lot about who we are.


Photographer James Mollison has captured this idea beautifully in his series Where Children Sleep, by snapping children from all over the globe, and finding their identity through the places they lay down to sleep. While adults generally have a choice over their sleeping arrangements, children simply inherit their bedroom, or lack of, through whatever situation they are born into. So as Mollison snaps the children and their sleeping situations, he presents a small window through which to see the vast differences of where children sleep around the world.


The technicolour diversity paints an unsettling picture about how having a safe, clean and comfortable place to sleep isn’t necessarily the norm. It is a perfect case of having the opportunity to look at the “other” and step into their world in a small way.

If you’ve ever been a child or slept in a bed (hopefully you can all tick those boxes) Mollison tells a story you will understand.