[ dabble ] Where the Hell is Matt?

The only thing cooler than knowing you are a bad dancer and dancing anyway, is knowing you are a bad dancer and dancing with loads of strangers, in loads of different locations all around the world. Getting it on tape is important too.

You may have already seen the clip below, it’s been doing the internet rounds lately, but if not then consider it your feel good clip of the day.

Matt Harding’s dance videos have become quite well known over the last few years, making their way around the internet since way back in the days before youtube made it instant, and it’s probably not his sweet moves that make the clips so popular. Traveling to some incredibly diverse places Matt crosses all the dividing lines with some dodgy dancing and an A+ effort. From tuxedos and ballrooms in Vienna to blurred faces and a secret studio in Damascus, there is a little over 4 minutes of pure diversity brought together to dance to the same beat. Awesome.

Check out Matt Harding’s site HERE for an in depth look at his travels, reasons behind the video and other bits and pieces.