[ dabble ] How To Start an Empathy Revolution

You may have noticed the word "empathy" ringing around your ears a bit more recently, which is a very very cool thing. Empathy is infused into everything we do as the [sameness] project and Roman Krznaric is leading the charge on the "empathy revolution", and bringing it to the masses.    

Roman Krznaric is a cultural thinker and writer on the art of living. He's a founding member of The School of Life in London, and he advises organisations like Oxfam and the U.N on using empathy and conversation to create social change. He's also the guy that named the [sameness] project as one of his top 13 worldwide empathy projects recently.

Here he is at TEDxAthens spreading the empathy message and making so much sense it hurts.

You can check out the rest of Roman's work, including his books, at www.romankrznaric.com

It's also well worth your time to pop into the online Empathy Library where there is an ever-growing space of books and film based on the idea of empathy.

Merry Empathizing!