[ #ShareYourSameness ] When I Was Your Age

#ShareYourSameness experiments are all about using the power of the internet & the power of YOU to create some moments of sameness. Try out the experiment below, erase some lines that separate, add your voice to everyone else's and watch the goodness grow.

#ShareYourSameness Experiment 2 - When I was Your Age. How old are you right now? Take yourself back in time and find out what your parent/s were doing at your age.

Were they still single? Had they started a family yet? How many kids did they have? Were they doing what they loved, or were they still searching for what that meant to them? Where in the world were they? Who were their closest friends? What music did they listen to?

Find some answers and even if you've already heard these stories a million times before, listen to them again. It can be hard to wrap your head around the fact that THEY were once where YOU are now. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what their life was like when they were your age. Think about the challenges that they could have been facing, and about the dreams they wanted to achieve.

Seek out the sameness. Find the common threads you might share with your mum or your dad and then share some of their story, and maybe an old school photo if you like. Perhaps you will see a little of you in their stories or maybe you will be blown away by how different life was.

Throw it up on any of our social media and #ShareYourSameness