[ #ShareYourSameness ] Under the Same Roof

#ShareYourSameness experiments are all about using the power of the internet & the power of YOU to create some moments of sameness. Try out the experiment below, erase some lines that separate, add your voice to everyone else's and watch the goodness grow.

#3 Under the Same Roof - Really quick take a moment, wherever you are. Look up! Look at the roof or ceiling. Take a picture. Send it to us immediately.

We're creating a montage of all the different roofs and ceilings we get sent and piecing together an ever-growing online image to be the one place where we can all sit 'under the same roof'.


Chandni - Watching the World Cup somewhere in India, Sarah - Relaxing in a grassy park in Vancouver, Heena - Being creative at her home in Dubai, Helen - Editing Good Magazine in Dubai, Emma - Enjoying Iftar in Dubai, Katie - Out for a walk in cloudy London, Aimee - Cleaning house in Dubai

What does the roof you are standing underneath look like?
Is it plain? Is it bizarrely colourful?
Are you in a giant mall, sharing a roof with thousands of other people?
Are you roofless, enjoying the stars as your night lights?

Look out for the sameness, in your daily grind, your repetitiveness, your habit... STOP and observe your surroundings. Consider the rest of the world, and their ceilings they are under at this very moment. Sleeping, working, eating, creating, stressing, relaxing... and think on the sameness...

Post your picture QUICK BEFORE YOU FORGET on any of our social media
and hashtag #ShareYourSameness and be part of the sameness roof.