[ #ShareYourSameness ] The Name Game

#ShareYourSameness experiments are all about using the power of the internet & the power of YOU to create some moments of sameness. Try out the experiment below, erase some lines that separate, add your voice to everyone else's and watch the goodness grow.

the name game

Next time you’re on the metro and you see a familiar face on their way to work. Next time you’re standing in the queue ordering your Costa coffee from the guy who always works the lunchtime rush.
Next time you’re picking up a few items from your regular grocery store, and smile at the the lady across the counter... say HELLO. Ask what their name is and what they got up to this weekend.

Whatever Trevor, make a friend.
Share their name and a little bit of their story (and a picture, if you’re
brave) on any of our social media and #ShareYourSameness

Here's our new friend to kick it all off:


This is Wajid

He works pretty long shifts as a security guard in our office building & we see him most days on our way into the office.
We usually have a little chit chat and today we found out his name AND the reason he is working in Dubai: Wajid is halfway through a degree in English Literature, with a major in Shakespeare, and is earning money so he can complete the final two years.
He also speaks 4 languages.