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[ the conversation chair ] Youth Voices

#TheConversationChair is making all kinds of different friends around Dubai at the moment with appearances at a range of different spots & events. The latest chit chat session was held at The Jam Jar as youth organization GYEM held their annual Open Mic Night.

While poets, rappers, singer-songwriters*, and the like did their thing on stage #TheConversationChair hosted a whole bunch of youth voices, with questions tailored to the theme of the evening - passion.

We’ve had a diverse range of conversations on the chair over the last 9 months, and it was very cool to specifically have youth chit-chat going on at the open mic night.

If you’ve got a few spare minutes why don’t you grab the person nearest to you, pretend to pull down a balloon (pretending is very easy), and answer one of the questions we used to create some conversation on the night:

If you’re curious as to this whole Conversation Chair deal then check out the VIDEO and it will all make glorious sense.

Keep an eye on our social media for the next appearance of the chair and maybe you can join us for some chit-chat...

* My (Jonny) most shocking moment of the eveing came when a young singer/guitarist started her second song by announcing it was a cover of an "old song, so not many people will know it." The song was Toxic by Britany Spears. Ouch.