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[ know thy neighbour ] Join Us!

It's new project time here in [sameness] land, and for the first time ever we are using the magic of the internet to gather a beautiful group of participants to take part...


The project is called Know Thy Neighbour and it's all about erasing the walls that separate neighbours, through food, cooking, storytelling, and conversations across the table. 
We are really excited to launch Know Thy Neighbour and even more excited about the people like you who might be involved!

Here's what taking part in Know Thy Neighbour would look like: 

Having a neighbour(s) over for a home meal, and both sharing a dish that is special to you, and the story behind it, whether it's grandmas old recipe, a meal from your home country, or a favourite feast. It's a [sameness] styled dinner party & we will make sure it's all kinds of awesome.
the [sameness] project will be on board documenting the dinners, the dishes and the stories, and we are rather looking forward to it!

To participate you would need to:

1. have a home
2. have a neighbour/neighbours
3. Be in Dubai 
4. Have ONE spare evening to meet and eat!

If you think that taking part in Know Thy Neighbour sounds pretty darn awesome and you would like to know more, then say hello via the form below, or hit us up via our social media, and we will take it from there...

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