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[ one + one ] Is About to Kick Off!

I'm sure we've all heard the old showbiz saying "Never work with children or animals". It's probably good advice if you're in showbiz, but luckily the [sameness] project isn't, so when we launch our brand new project One + One on January 16th we don't have to take any notice of that old saying.

One+One NEWLogo.jpg

One + One is for the kids, and it's aimed at erasing the lines between children in mainstream schools and children in special needs schools, through creativity and large doses of fun.
For an hour and a half this week and an hour and a half next week we will have a small group of students from one Dubai-based special needs centre and another small group from a mainstream Dubai school together in one place, playing, learning, creating, getting to know each other, and hopefully laughing...lots. 

The result of the two hang-outs will be an exhibition for parents, teachers, family and friends, showcasing the kids work. 

We can't wait to get this new [sameness] project underway!
Keep an eye on our social media and this website as the One + One goodness starts to make its way into the world. 
We will be showcasing the work the kids are creating, the games they are playing, the laughs, their stories and heaps of other One + One action.


Over and Out.