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[ water for workers ] 2013 Over & Out

As the last bottles of water and thank you's were handed out at Water for Workers on Saturday 14th December we couldn't help but have a little high five session and smile about the previous 6 months that have seen this [sameness] project explode. 

Saturday December 14th was a chance to hit the streets of Dubai for the last time in 2013 and cap off a massive year. 
Even though we are officially in winter it’s still proper warm outside, and with temperatures up around 34 degrees Celsius, giving cold water to workers is still the best way to spend an hour or two on a Saturday morning.

We had another awesome group of volunteers on the 14th and moved 4000 bottles in the first hour, with the total of 5000 being finished by the end of the morning. 
There were so many great stories from the December 14th adventure, including heaps of children taking part, a family from Abu Dhabi who drove to Dubai with their 9 month old son just to take part, and so many smiling workers.

You can check out more photos from the day on our facebook page.
Here are a few snaps of the guys we met:

2013 has been a stupidly good year for the [sameness] project and Water for Workers...

We started on a sticky hot Saturday in June with 1000 bottles of water wrapped in "thank you" stickers. We thought that many bottles would be heaps, but after they disappeared and people bought more themselves to carry on the goodness, we figured we should raise our expectations a bit higher.

Over the next few months we gained a whole heap of amazing new volunteers plus the invaluable support of PepsiCo, who give 5000 bottles of water every month to the project! We also branched out from Thank You stickers to Thank You facecloths, which have been hugely popular! 

As we post this a few days before Christmas we can say, with quite a bit of wide-eyed wonder and a lot of excitement, that the total amount of water and thank you's given out in 2013 was 30,000! 
And none of that HOT.SWEATY.FUN would have happened without the roughly 400 unique volunteers giving their time to be the hands that give out the water and the voices that say "thank you".

Water for Workers is carrying on into 2014, so look out for our January date announcement and prepare yourself for some [sameness] styled fun.