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[ the conversation chair ] Live at StreetArtDxb

The buzz of Dubai at the moment is the epicness that was the StreetArtNight in Al Quoz. It was like an explosion of people, culture, art, music, madness, fun, colour, friends and heaps of other good stuff. And thrown into that mix was #TheConversationChair

The chair held easily the most conversations it has had in any single setting, and there was a pretty massive crowd gathered around it most of the night. It never sat empty for more than 5 minutes at a time and it was so good to see a crazy diverse mix of people sitting down, getting to know each other and sharing some [sameness].

TCC Street art16.jpg

It's pretty hard to pick one conversation that stood out, as so many people were making new friends on the chair, and erasing all kinds of lines that separated them before they sat down.
There were also a bajillion (a.k.a heaps) of photos taken of #TheConversationChair by curious peeps, so if you're social media savy then seek and you will find.

It's also totally worth checking out the amazing artwork that was created LIVE at the event. Search #StreetArtDxb or #StreetNightArt on twitter, instagram, google, etc and make your eyes and your heart happy.

TCC Street art1.jpg

We've got a special facebook album capturing most of the conversations, so head HERE to tag yourself, or just to check out #TheConversationChair in action.

Nights like this are pretty rare in Dubai, so we have to give a massive shout out to the All Quoz team who pulled it all together!
High fives to Chandni and Sonja for being two amazing Conversation Chair helpers and to Lara for snapping some beautiful pictures.

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TCC Street art10.jpg