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[ water for workers ] Pressing Pause

The last eight months of Water for Workers have been amazing, but the time has come to press pause for a little bit. Don't fret! the W4W goodness will be back around the same time that the desert temperatures start to rise, and until then we've got a whole bunch of other sweet [sameness] projects to keep rolling on with...

With Januarys Water for Workers done, our total of water and "thank you" facecloths given from June 2013 - January 2014 hit 32,000!! That number is made up of a whole heap of smiles, handshakes, sweaty t-shirts, photographs and conversations, and we couldn't be prouder of the difference this project is making to the people getting the water, but also those giving it.
PepsiCo have been awesome with supplying all the water and supporting the [sameness] project, and they are keen as beans to roll on with Water for Workers come summer 2014 as well.

There sure has been a lot of HOT.SWEATY.FUN. and while we let Water for Workers recharge and put some energy into other [sameness] projects, you can spread the word, pull in your friends, your family and anyone else who can get involved to come along for the next round. We can always use more volunteers!

You can keep up to date with the Water for Workers news here on our website and/or through our social media, and we will let you know when it's time to get our HOT.SWEATY.FUN going again.

Untill then here are some of the pictures from Januarys Water for Workers adventure to keep the goodness fresh. You can find more on our facebook page

jan w4w 4.jpg
jan w4w 6.jpg

Thanks to Lara DeBruyn for these awesome pictures! You can check out the rest of her work HERE

jan w4w 8.jpg