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[ one + one ] The First Exhibition!

We're having a special little exhibition on Wednesday the 19th February to show off the beautiful results of One + One, the [sameness] project bringing together kids from mainstream schools with kids from special needs schools.

The kids from Collegiate American School and the Child Learning and Enrichment Medical Center had a massively fun time shaking their creative bones, getting to know each other, dancing, playing, creating, learning, and this exhibition is to show off what they created together and the moments of [sameness] that were shared.

The doors of the Child Learning & Enrichment Medical Center (see map below) will be open from 3.30pm till 7pm for a walkthrough of their work. If you would like to check it out, then consider this your personal invitation!

one+one facebook invite.jpg

Here is a map to the Child Learning & Enrichment Medical Center in Jumeirah 1, Dubai. If you have any questions about the location please feel free to contact us through any of the options on our contact us page.

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CLEMC MAP exhibition.jpg