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[ water for workers ] So Much Water!

History repeated! After Junes amazing Water for Workers adventure we were pretty sure it couldn't get much better, and then August came along and it got a whole lot better, which means October is going to be ca-razy good, but lets at least re-cap August first... 

It was on from the start. By 9.30am there was already a large crowd gathered, and by 10am, our official starting time, so many people had arrived that a queue was forming halfway down the carpark.
By 10.30am all 5000 bottles of water were gone and no sooner had an emergency resupply of 2000 bottles arrived, they were gone as well. Madness.

Here are our numbers from the day:

We were completely blown away by the amazing turnout, and to see people queuing to pick up water, and being happy to wait because they wanted to take part, was pretty special and proves that thi community loves an opportunity to do some good! 
It was awesome to see so many more companies/businesses/organisations getting their employees together and joining Water for Workers as a team. the [sameness] project is all about collaborating with businesses to spread goodness on the ground, and every team that joins us is an example of a business engaging in a positive way with the city they operate in. We like.

Here's the good news: for our next Water for Workers adventure in October PepsiCo (the guys that make Water for Workers possible) are significantly upping the amount of water, and we are revamping the process so that we can handle another increase in volunteers and cut down the waiting time. Yup!

We will be putting our pictures from the day up on our facebook page soon:

And like we do each Water for Workers round, we will be grabbing pics from all the social media that exploded around the project and throwing them up HERE so you can see what the action looked like all over Dubai. 

The last piece of August Water for Workers goodness comes in the form of a humble brag, with a little clip that aired on the Business Breakfast the day after Water for Workers. It's an awesome summary of the project and builds on the idea of employee engagement/CSR perfectly at the end.
You can check it out HERE.


The October Water for Workers date will be up soon, so you have from now until October to recruit, spread the word, tell you friends, and do what you can to help us take this project even further!