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[ water for workers ] Behind The Scenes

Come with us on a little video journey behind the scenes of Water for Workers  to see what happens when PepsiCo and the [sameness] project combine forces to make goodness happen.

By the time the doors of the truck carrying all the water swing open on a Saturday morning there is already a whole heap of work that has gone on behind the scenes. 

This is the action that takes place at PepsiCo headquarters each Thursday before the Water for Workers adventure on a Saturday, when the water, the boxes, the facecloths, the flags, and PepsiCo staff come together for some HOT.SWEATY.FUN.

It's the action before the action.
It's awesome.

We also like shouting about the massive contribution PepsiCo and their staff make to Water for Workers and the [sameness] project. 
As well as being part of the [sameness] project Collective and financially contributing to making the goodness happen, PepsiCo staff engage themselves in the entire project process and are a perfect example of how a large company can involve themselves directly in their community in a fresh and sustainable way.

And this is the result:

High Fives PepsiCo.