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[ sameness stuff ] The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Whether you're giving them or getting them, gifts are pretty great. 
Our news is that we've got some of our special [sameness] project creative goodness for you to get your hands on as priceless gifts. READ ON!

PRICELESS gifts mean that YOU choose what you want to pay for them. Whether it's one dollar or a million (a million would be awesome) the two gifts on offer will be yours whatever you pay.

The money is going towards keeping this [sameness] project wagon moving forward in 2016 and we're really excited about getting some of our lovely stuff into people hands.


// Gift number 1 (above) is a downloadable book of our sameness flags of humanity for your creative colouring pleasure. 

// Gift number 2 (below) are our beautiful little origami sameness pieces, perfect to download, fold, & give away. 

Thanks to our friends at Injoy Giving for partnering with us on this. If our goodies aren't your thing then you can find a bunch of other really cool stuff on their site, and just CHECK THEM OUT in general as another Dubai start-up doing good good things.