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[ sameness stuff ] We're a Pretty Big Deal

Ok, so that's not really the truth. We're not a big deal, but we did just get named on two pretty important lists of good humans, so we're feeling good.

It's a little bit awkward when the spotlight shines on our team. We like to sit behind the scenes creating good projects and we're definitely more at home working in the community than dressing up for awards evenings. But, sometimes we get to put on some nice clothes and celebrate our work with others.

Styist Arabia 50
The first honour was [sameness] project founder & chief dreamweaver Lina making Stylist Arabia's list of Top 50 Most Inspirational Women in the UAE. The event held extra significance taking place on International Woman's Day, with the Burj Al Arab lit up pink, and to be one of the 50 on the list is pretty special. There are so many inspirational women doing inspirational things in the UAE, so to make the Stylist Arabia list is outstanding.

Ahlan Hot 100
The next evening we were at another nice venue celebrating the [sameness] project being named in the Ahlan Hot 100. It seems we are one of the "leading social influencers shaping the cultural landscape of the UAE" and that in itself is quite humbling.
We never started the [sameness] project with the idea of being recognised for what we do or to make lists starting with "Top" or "Hot" and other nice words. It is however really special to be honoured in such a way with other good humans.

We came away from both events hugely honoured that the work we create is making people take notice and having an impact. It's a sign that what we do matters and that it's valuable, something that is import for us to recognise, especially when there are so many up's and down's in our field and so many opportunities to doubt the way forward.

The key thing is we don't gather these awards alone, they belong to the entire community who support and encourage us. They also belong to a whole lot of other people who won't ever get to celebrate at over-the-top award evenings with fireworks & dance crews, but who are equally as inspiring as anyone else on the lists. You can probably think of some, and one day hopefully there will be an awards event that focuses outwards rather than inwards, and sees the heroes working way in the background to make places like the UAE awesome.