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[ restart the art ] Meet The Humans

The art has well and truly been restarted, and the last few weeks have seen the creative collaboration between the labourers and artists involved in Restart The Art produce amazing artwork.

We've got all of the artworks hidden away at the moment as well collate the goodness and get it ready to show off, but until then we can introduce you to the 43 workers and 43 artists who are making this [sameness] project happen.

The men from Khansaheb (above) and their creative partners (below)


The artwork + profiles of the artists & labourers will go up online at &

Online voting will take place to decide which artworks gain prominence on the bus.

Then come Dubai Art Week in mid march, the creatively transformed buses go on display!

The Al Futtaim Carillion men (above) and their creative partners (below)

One of our favourite numbers from Restart The Art is 30.
That's how many different nationalities are involved in this project, and that's a beautiful example of the diversity involved, but also of the sameness, which is allowing all of that to come together for a shared purpose.

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