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[ we've got your back ] Welcome To The Remix

The original We've Got Your Back, created for Taxi Drivers was a hit, and now we are introducing the remix - We've Got Your Back for Labourers.

We're teaming up again with Majid Al Futtaim, our partners on last years Together We Make A Difference initiative, and starting Sunday 15th February we're rolling out We've Got Your Back for around 500 awesome humans working on sites in Sharjah & Dubai.

With a new booklet of stretches, plus our FitnessLink buddies, plus a bunch of fitness professionals, plus onsite medical checks, We've Got Your Back will be a first of its kind project aimed at meeting the physical and emotional wellbeing of these hard working humans.

The Shades yo!

Like the original We've Got Your Back, targeting the physical health of the workers is important, but it's the moments of sameness around letting them know they are valued and that they have a family looking out for them, that the project runs on. We're looking forward to a whole heap of good human moments on the ground over the next few weeks, and will bring you all the goodness as it unfolds.

Care Packs for each labourer are also being put together with the help of Majid Al Futtaim staff, and include sunglasses (as modelled by Jonny above) and a bunch of other practical bits and pieces the workers can make use of. Like every [sameness] project we want the goodness to be sustainable and something that can be continued far beyond each site visit.

We can't wait to get into this project!

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