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[ we've got your back ] We Like To Move It

You know a project has reached peak awesomeness when a worker feels the need to break out his dance moves in front of everyone. And that's only one of the reasons why we love the We've Got Your Back remix, & why its been so successful.

So far through our partnership with Majid Al Futtaim & the help of our friends at FitnessLink we have trained 280 workers out at the Al Zahia Homes site in Sharjah, UAE, running them through a simple stretching program, giving out wellness packs (including sunglasses, socks, deep heat and tennis balls) and simply letting the guys know that they are valued.
Shifting to the Mall Of The Emirates we've completed the same programme with every single one of the cleaning crew who keep that massive space sparkling, giving us a total of 500 guys who have shared some sameness with us.

The response from the workers has been fantastic and every single session has been a lot of fun, mixed with some solid fitness training. We will have a video summing up all the goodness coming soon, but right now we have to at least let the world see the dancing hero below. 
It was mentioned by a trainer that dancing is a really good way to stay active, and this guy didn't even hesitate to show off his moves in front of his friends and the camera. Enjoy...  

That right there is what we call a Restart The Heart moment, where someone feels a little bit more alive and fresh, and there have been so many of these moments through We've Got Your Back. It's not just a project about physical wellness, it's about emotional wellness too, and letting people know that they are valued is as important for the head and heart as stretching is for the body.

One of the biggest hits has been the sunglasses included in the wellness packs. The work site is pretty bright and full of glare, and the sunglasses are a very simple way to reduce the strain on the workers eyes, plus they actually look quite cool, which has not gone unnoticed by their new owners as you can see below.

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