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[ restart the art ] Time To Vote!

The time is now! We've had 2 months of epically good moments through Restart the Art and it's your turn to join the party as all the artwork is live online and YOU get the chance to vote on it all!

There are 43 beautiful artworks, created by 43 pairs of workers & artists, all ready to be placed onto two labourer buses. All we need now is for you to help us decide which artworks become the focus points on the buses, and which pairs win the prizes.


Behind each artwork are two beautiful humans - one worker & one artists, and you can find out all about them and the stories that inspired their artworks on the Restart The Art website HERE.

Every one of the 43 artworks will be used to cover the buses, this wasn't ever a project about winner or losers, but the pieces to be highlighted on the buses will be chosen by you.

- voting closes on March 15th
- you can vote once per day

Restart The Art has been such a beautiful journey and bringing you the artwork, the humans behind it all, and showcasing the moments of sameness through unique and personal collaborations is a huge highlight. 

Go to to see the project gallery, read more about this initiative and get yourself involved in the goodness.

Just a small sample of the worker/artist collaborations. There are 43 in total!