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[ we've got your back ] Press Play

We wish we could take you on-site and let you experience the goodness that is We've Got Your Back, from the stretches to the the dance-offs, but we can't, so instead we turn on the camera and capture sameness in action.

Over the course of 2 months we headed onto two work sites in Dubai and Sharjah and trained 500 awesome humans in stretches, exercises and general wellbeing tips they could use to stay healthy while working hard.

This is how it all turned out...

It's exciting to partner with a company like Majid Al Futtaim who are so eager to action a project for their workers and are totally down with doing something that doesn't look like you average CSR initiative.

And Fun.
Beyond the obvious benefits of having professional fitness trainers through FitnessLink teaching these men the stretches and exercise we want to make it a fun experience and when this guy stepped out and started dancing we knew we had the fun levels just right.

We're working on getting more We've Got Your Back goodness up and running later this year, and you can be sure we'll point our camera machines at the action.