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[water for workers] Capturing the Moments

Around 40 million photos are posted daily on Instagram. That's a pretty big number and we're so happy that every few months, in between sunsets, food, & selfies, a very very very small percentage of those photos are made up of pics from Water for Workers.

Instagram is not just about the photos though, it's also about the people who take them, and for our June Water for Workers adventure we were joined by a crew of Dubai Instagramers, who rocked the 'social' in 'social media' and joined us to spread some goodness and take a few snaps a long the way.

[Photos from] alattarz   makrwilson  layasmeen  talesandwaves  mhau_herrera  rhielim ahmshin    needlez_and_pinzz 

The intsagram crew [known as #igersdubai] didn't just come to take pics, their number one priority was engaging with the workers and sharing their sameness. Luckily for us (and now you) they also took awesome photos to document it all, and further shared the goodness with their followers.

Each photo is from the different perspective of each photographer bursting with originality, but what we love even more was that they are all focused on the same thing; portraying sameness at its best. Whether the shot was of the bunch of water bottles ready for distribution, or an individual worker who received one with an expression showing relief of being recognised and thanked, they are all top notch.

High Fives to the instagram crew & their sweet photo taking skills! Keep reading to see some of their thoughts on the whole adventure...

[photos from] ranosanmarto   minuchawla  joseivan   kennethsurat  rubyroo33 
 sumayaalattar  aljvd  jeromerafael  Sofi.sofia  

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"Whilst we all do our bit in our every day lives,  I do believe it is extremely important to get the community together and use the power of social media to spread the word and inspire people. The experience was as expected - overwhelming. We covered the Dubai canal project area, I've talked to many men there and heard of there tough conditions before so really wanted to cover that area. We distributed all we had brought (water, fruits, biscuits and juices), chatted and took pictures, got scolded by the managers, cooled them off, went to a local store and bought more supplies to distribute. I must say the gramers I had in my group sure have big hearts, they were visibly moved. What astonished me the most is the block we covered. It's such huge project that you feel like you can drive around and help all day long. " - Altamash

"We all want to live a Luxury life with Mansions with pool, branded clothes, lots of People to hangout, Saturdays at Boulevards and bla bla. But for these workers their far-most luxury is to work, earn money and feed their families. My Dad use to keep telling my Weekend money is enough to feed a workers family for a month, and I just ignore it at that time, but today it made me realize how hard they have to work on these hot days were we hesitate to walk for a minute but they have to work straight 12hours to earn it. Alhamdulilah for everything..." --Ahmed Shinan Al Nizar

"It's not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings - Ann Landers"
-Zainab ALAttar

"I really can't describe how I felt after taking part in #waterforworkers. It was just so nice to put a smile on someone's face by giving them a short break, a bottle of water and just saying "hello and thank-you" for their hard work. It's the little things that we do together that make a big difference." - Karen McLean




"It was an awesome experience! The heat was terrible but I wouldn't mind doing it again! An eye-opening moment indeed." - Mark Wilson

"Living in Dubai, you easily get used to this beautiful sunny and blessed life. Mingling with other human beings who don't have it as easy makes you remember how blessed you are. Making them smile with a bottle of water and a conversation made me smile, at the end, humanity with one another is all we have that transcends race, religion, gender and material." - Yasmine