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[ team sameness ] CNN

the [sameness] project has made quite a few headlines over the last few years, but none bigger than the recent feature on CNN. We're super proud and so excited to see our story being picked up like this.

The feature centres on Restart The Art, our biggest project to date, and is spreading the story to an audience far beyond what we can reach ourselves.
The below was recorded live, sorry about the picture quality, but that intro from Becky Anderson is just too good to miss.

We always knew Restart The Art and the [sameness] project in general, was a newsworthy and compelling story, and having our story featured on CNN confirms those feelings.  It also puts us in front of a far bigger audience than we ever reach ourselves and particularly with Restart The Art, places a different narrative into the world of typical Middle East labourer news.

You can watch the interview segment of the CNN clip on their website HERE