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[ sameness stuff ] Give Me A Sign

Advertising billboards are really big, really obvious, and usually very full of nonsense. But what if you had space on an empty one to write whatever you wanted? A message to your fellow humans...

This was our call on social media:
"Ok. This billboard space is yours for 1 week. You get to put 1 message on it for all your fellow humans to see. What do you write?"

After we put the idea out there we got a whole lot of really good answers, and because we love sharing we're adding them to the internet for all to see. (at least the ones that fitted)
Some of it's pretty deep, some of it...not so much, but each one is a voice to the world and a little moment of humanity seeing humanity.

We wish we had the money/time/resources/contacts/patience to actually create all these billboards and thrown them up, but we don't, so until then you'll have to make do with our passable photoshop skills.