[ dabble ] Inside Out with JR

Winning the TED Grand Prize is a pretty big deal. A winners work has to be a few levels above amazing to even be considered, and as the video below will show, JR’s work is a few levels above everything.

Knowing that art can’t save the world, but that it can at least help change it, JR takes the rebel movement of street art and uses it to take a look at ordinary people. As gigantic photographs start to appear on the walls of some of the worlds most socially ugly locations, people are asked to look at faces that represent people, not just stereotypes.

JR’s explanation of his work and the motives behind it are both fascinating and inspiring, and will probably lead you to look for the play button more than once…

Through moments of sameness when pasting Israeli and Palestinian portraits side by side, to giant canvas eyes looking up from the rooftops of Kenyan villages, the power of JR’s work lies in it’s simplicity and accessibility.

Making a point, making art, and making people ask questions, comes together in JR’s work to show people that erasing the lines that separate can be a creative and powerful experience.

To continue the journey check out the Inside Out Project here at: www.insideoutproject.net