[ dabble ] A Long Walk

Hopefully somewhere on your clicking journey across the internet and through the [sameness] project website you have come across Soles & Stories, the [sameness] project that was part art, part empathy, and all good.

If not then click HERE 

The nine nannies/domestic workers, their shoe art and their personal stories, offered a little window into lives that, on the surface, a lot of people wouldn’t readily identify with, or have the chance to identify with. The [sameness] moments came with the realisation that the nine individual stories carried all the same hopes, dreams, fears, joys and pains of those reading them.

It was a chance to see some shoe art, but to also walk in the shoes of the “other.”

In todays interconnected world the term “others” can almost refer to every other person on the planet, meaning there are over 7 billion stories out there. Some will resonate with similarity, some will be completely unfamiliar, but all of them will share the common thread of being a human story.


The featured photographic series by Shannon Jensen is a chance to walk in the shoes of some pretty forgotten others – Sudanese refugees escaping into South Sudan from the North messed up by war and every nasty thing that goes with it.

Jensen has photographed the refugees shoes in all their brokeness, after the dangerous journey across the border, at the same time recording the simple stories of their owners. It’s Soles & Stories of a whole different kind.

Take a look at Shannon Jensen’s A Long Walk, HERE