[ dabble ] Blood Brother

Not many people would give up the good old American dream, or any kind of half-decent dream, to move to India for what is probably closer to a third world nightmare.

Rocky Braat however, decided to suspend all normality and cross some massive cultural and social lines, moving to India with the sole aim of helping care for Aids and HIV orphans. Despite the massive differences that separate Rocky and the kids in his new home, his brutally honest view of what it means to love them unconditionally renders those differences obsolete. Over the past few years his life in India has been documented by friends, and the film Blood Brother is the powerful result.

The film has had a few screenings in the U.S and it looks like the 2013 Sundance Film Festival might be the official unveiling. Until then we have the trailer below which is powerful enough in itself.

You may have noticed Rocky holding up a book with “I Was Always Beautiful” printed on the page – this is a book of his photography and writing from his time so far in India, and you can have a little peek at it HERE. You can also purchase the book from the same site.

Check out the Blood Brother website HERE for more press and info on the film…

What challenged you most about Rocky Braat’s story?