[ dabble ] The Strangers Project

The internet is an easy land to get lost in, jumping from page to page, following links and getting dizzy amongst all the pretty code.

Every now and then though you stumble across something completely awesome by mistake and all the aimless clicking seems worth it. This is one of those good “by accident” finds that we really love – The Strangers Project.  It’s erasing the lines one stranger at a time, and creating some pretty nice moments of [sameness] with each story.

 Here’s how founder Brandon Doman describes The Strangers Project:

The Strangers Project is a collection of anonymous stories written as “journal entries” on the spot by passing strangers. I ask people to write about anything they want—as long as it’s true. The result is a mosaic of stories from the lives happening around us at every moment. These are our friends, our families, and people we’ve never spoken to. Every moment billions of stories are unfolding—this is a glimpse into some of those things we may normally not notice. These are our lives.

I believe that it is our capacity for being human that is truly our great equalizer. For a moment, it doesn’t matter if you’re a business person, a student, a homeless person, a secretary, a teacher, a child, a doctor, a traveler, a mother or a father—we all share something common. We can be people and we can invite those around us in, and for a moment, we can share something real. Every person that you pass on the street has a story to share. We are all just waiting for the right time for someone else to listen.

Head over to The Strangers Project website and read some more STORIES.

Have a browse, understand the stories behind some strangers, and maybe you will be inspired to add your own?