[ dabble ] What the World Eats

If you were to head to your pantry/cupboards/food storage places at home and pull out one weeks worth of food, what would it look like?

Photojournalism team Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio wondered enough to take a trip through 24 countries, documenting families and the food that they consume over one week. From the multi-coloured wrappings of supermarket shelf treats, to straight out of the earth fresh produce, to sacks of grain and little else, the diversity captured through the photographs paints a broad picture of one of the basic human necessities – food.

We’ve already come across two beautiful photographic series documenting the diversity that exists around the world within similar contexts, first with James Mollison’s “Where Children Sleep” and then Julian Germain’s “Classroom Portraits“. Now we can add a third with Peter Menzel's “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats” series.


They also recorded the cost of one weeks worth of food for each family, providing even more insight into this hungry planet of ours.

From top left hand corner, moving clockwise: (all figures in US Dollars)
1. Chad. $1.23
2. Kuwait. $221.00
3. Ecuador. $31.55
4. Guatemala. $75.70
5. United States: $341.98
6. China: $155.06

You can check out the full series of shots, with the story of each family on Menzel’s website HERE